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Internship Accelerator – Employer Sponsored – Hamilton Undergrad Analyst

This internship is part of the Hoos Internship Accelerator and the position is funded directly by the host employer. As part of this program, the UVA Career Center has planned a professional development series to support you during your experience. Students participating in the internships are required to engage in a 3-part professional development series that includes a pre-internship orientation, mid-summer networking reception, and a post-internship professional development workshop. Additionally, students will be required to participate in a pre and post assessment. 

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About Hamilton
Hamilton Real Estate Technology Investors is the premier angel network for real estate technology entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help real estate technology businesses (aka “proptech”) that will benefit from our capital, expertise and network, and in the process create excess returns for our members. 

If you want to learn more about proptech, this is a good start:

We are looking for: Undergraduate students and MBA students with experience and interest in
  1. Marketing 
  2. Venture capital/ angel investing
  3. Real estate

You are an student with
  • An ability to market startups to different constituencies (in our case, these include potential investee companies, other angel groups, VC funds, accelerators and incubators)
  • Deep knowledge in one or more areas of real estate
  • Experience in venture capital or angel investments
  • A strong background in technology (undergraduate degree, on-the-job experience)
  • Strong attention to detail and follow-through
  • Superb analytical and finance skills, including the ability to analyze financial statements and business models
  • A strategic bent of mind
  • An ability to work independently as well as collaboratively
  • A passion for entrepreneurship, real estate and technology

Opportunities include working with deal flow, due diligence, marketing and research. Through the internship program, interns:
  • Play a critical role within a unique platform, leveraging Hamilton’s unique position to evaluate new opportunities and add value to existing portfolio companies
  • Gain valuable, first-hand experience in how angel investments are evaluated and made, and how angel networks operate, as part of a small team
  • Will perform a pivotal role in sourcing new deals, in the evaluation of new opportunities,  in the ongoing performance monitoring of the entire portfolio and have the opportunity to regularly interact with portfolio company senior management teams and co-investors.
  • Develop strong knowledge and understanding of the real estate and real estate technology landscape
  • Learn from the best minds in the business - former CEOs, successful entrepreneurs and other real estate mavens that have been leading real estate businesses for 30+ years
  • Build expertise in the startup environment
  • Expand their professional network with entrepreneurs that are smart, creative and disrupting an industry (real estate) that is desperately in need of change

Time required
To begin with, we will start at five hours/ week, and scale up to 20 hours/ week, and potentially lead to a full-time position

Internship Information:
·       Internship Type: remotely
·       Internship Duration: 4 weeks (team of 3 students) *Project-based opportunity